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"Bremen 1986"



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Sun Ra  key v

Tyrone Hill  trb
Marshall Allen  as fl pss
Pat Patrick  as
John Gilmore  ts clr
Eloe Omoe  bcl ts
Danny Ray Thompson  brs fl pss
James Jackson  brs d
Bruce Edwards  g
Rollo Radford  b
Marvin "Boogaloo" Smith  d

Source:  digital radio broadcast
Time:  1:22
2 CDs
Quality (A-D) : A

"Bremen 1986"

Schauburg Bremen Germany 240686

[CD 1:]
- Untitled Improvisation [Fade In]
- Discipline 27-Ii >
- This World Is Not My Home/
- Somewhere There
- East Of The Sun
- Back Alley Blues
- Yeah Man

[CD 2:]
- Prelude To A Kiss
duke ellington cover
- MacK The Knife
kurt weill cover
- Daydream
- Blue Lou
- Dream Too Much
- The Cosmo Party Blues [Fades Out]
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"Chicago 1988"

No artwork yet

Sun Ra  p key v

Michael Ray  t
Tyrone Hill  trb
Marshall Allen  as fl
Knoel Scott  as
John Gilmore  ts pss
Eloe Omoe  bcl as
Danny Ray Thompson  bss
James Jacson  pss
Billy Bang  vio
Bruce Edwards  g
Carl Leblanc  g
Philip Watkins  b
Buster Smith  d
Luqman Ali  d
Eric Walker  d
Kwasi Asare  pss
Jorge Silva  pss
Elson Nascimento  pss
Lorimil Machado  pss
Gato  pss
June Tyson  v

Source:  FM broadcast
Time:  1:21
2 CDs
Quality (A-D) : A

"Chicago 1988"

Chicago Jazz Festival
Petrillo Band Shell Grant Park Chicago IL. 030988

[CD 1:]
- Untitled Improvisation
- Blue Lou
- Back Alley Blues
- I Dream Too Much
- Frisco Fog
- Prelude To A Kiss
- Queer Notions

[CD 2:]
- Sophisticated Lady Intro
- Sophisticated Lady
- Carefree (Egyptian Fantasy) > I'll Wait For You >
- Interview w/ Ra By Neil Tesser
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