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"Templeton CA. 2007"


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Raul Malo  v g

Robert Chevrier  p v
Tom Lewis  d
Jay Weaver  b

Source:  audience recording
Time:  1:35
2 CDs
Quality (A-D) : A

"Templeton CA. 2007"

Templeton Performing Arts Center
Templeton CA. 070507

[CD 1:]
- Intro
- Welcome To My World
- Eternally
- Fool Such As I
- Pretend
- You're Only Lonely
- Games Lovers Play
- Surrender
- Besame Mucho
- Dance The Night Away

[CD 2:]
- What A Crying Shame
- I Said I Love You
- When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver
- Crying
roy orbison cover
- La Vie En Rose
edith piaf cover
- Sway
- For You
- Volver, Volver
- Every Little Thing
- All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down
- Bright Side Of The Road
van morrison cover
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