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"Confidentially Speaking"




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M Ward  

Beth Orton  

Source:  audience recording
Time:  2:01
2 CDs
Quality (A-D) : A-B

"Confidentially Speaking"

Largo Los Angeles CA. 300903

[CD 1:]
time:  1:00
- Concrete Sky
- (LA. Tuning)
- Endless Sky
- Someone's Daughter
- Sweetest Decline
- Paris Train

[Beth With M Ward:]
- What We Begin
- Heartland Truckstop
- Buckets Of Rain
bob dylan cover
- Touch Me With Your Love
- I Want It [?]
- Pieces Of Sky

- Stolen Car
- It's Not The Spotlight
- Feel To Believe

[CD 2:]
[M Ward:]
time:  0:37
- Intro
- Psalm
- Let's Dance
david bowie cover
- Transfiguation #2 > Carolina
- Sad Sad Song
- You Still Believe In Me > Medley
- Undertaker
- Someday You'll Be Sorry
louis armstrong cover
- Duet For Guitars #3
[Beth Orton]
[A Sounds Eclectic Evening]
[Universal Amphitheatre Los Angeles CA. 231102:]
time:  0:24
- She Cries Your Name
- Carmella
- Central Reservation
- Stolen Car
- I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine
the ronettes cover
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One of the rare Beth Orton acoustic gigs in a nice little club in LA.

M. Ward was the opener and came back on Beth's set.

The KCRW show was from a benefit evening in LA in 2002, she played acoustically with Ali Friend on bass and Oli Kraus on cello.

A wonderful recording, only a few tiny little problems.

More about M Ward can be found at Matador Records and Merge Records.
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