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"Hamburg 2005"


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Karl Blau  v b prg

Source:  audience recording
Time:  0:48
Quality (A-D) : A

"Hamburg 2005"

Weltbühne Hamburg Germany 280905
- Intro
- #1
- #2
- #3
- #4
- #5
- #6
[Dunkel Blau Selection]
time:  0:11
[Daughter's Song]
- #9
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Thanks Karl for letting me record his show!

He made the support gig for Laura Veirs' Hamburg show in September 2005.

Thanks to Axel for the picture from that day.

Karl has a special music production idea:

"Kelp is songs and sounds produced/compiled by Karl Blau arriving monthly to your mailbox in the form of a handpackaged CD. You can either subscribe by mailing in your order with a cheque or money order or also online." (from the KELP web site)

You can find out more at his site:
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